Safety Net Alliance


Our mission is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency services

provided to Clermont County low income families through collaboration.

Based on the existing NKY SafetyNet Alliance formed in June 2007, in Northern Kentucky, the Clermont County Safety Net Alliance opened to its members in 2012 as a newly developing program focused on the needs of Clermont County residents.

The Safety Net Alliance is a collaboration of social service agencies and other entities committed to providing effective and efficient emergency assistance to Clermont County residents in need. We meet quarterly on the first Thursday of the month; taking time to spotlight the efforts of a few of our members, host guest speakers, and make inter-agency connections.

Since its inception, the SNA of Clermont County has grown from five agencies to over 100 area agencies, representing government groups, non-profit organizations, and supporting business partners.


Initial funding for the this website was donated by The Butler Foundation, with the generous in-kind contribution of TiER1 Performance Solutions.

Additional funding ($1,000 each) was provided by Scripps Howard Foundation, Park National Bank and the Batavia Rotary for continuing development of the Safety Net for Clermont County.  A grant for CCSNA year one development was awarded by PNC Charitable Trust.  Funding also provided by the United Way of Greater Cincinnati and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.  Lunch sponsorship by Park National Bank and Golden Rule Catering. Door prize sponsors by Steam Clean Cincy and ShowersPlusMore.

If you would like to make a donation, please send a check to: CC Safety Net Alliance, C/O Community Services, 3003 Hospital Drive, Batavia, OH  45103.

We are a collaborative of over 140 area agencies including county agencies, faith-based organizations, business sponsors and government/county agencies.  We work together to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our partner agencies as they better assist their clients with needed essentials such as food, utilities and housing. Many of our partner agencies also have a great amount of additional assistance programs and resources available to help families such as clothing, employment, educational classes, etc…

The relationships built through our network could assist you by providing referrals and by providing additional support needed as families utilize your services. We also work hard to make resources much more accessible for our partner agencies by utilizing this website (with login access for partners).  Our website contains all kinds of information about the wonderful resources available for Clermont families.

There are no mandatory fees associated with membership.  We want to make it simple for ALL agencies/organizations to get access to the information we’ve collected. However, it does cost money to operate our collaboration. The Safety Net has administrative functions that we need to sustain related to technology support, our website, and administrative support related to recruiting new members and supporting our current membership. With fairness and sustainability in mind, we suggest a dues structure for our partners based off your organizations annual budget (up to $500 annually). Additionally, we do NOT want a dues structure to impact membership for anyone. Whether you’re able to pay dues or not, partner agencies still play an integral part of our Alliance and our success and positive impact in Clermont County is dependent on continued collaboration.

Informative Expo Sponsored by Moore Family Funeral Home. The public can attend and grab information from various booths. Thursday, June 6, 2024 from 5:30pm-7:30pm.


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Clermont County Safety Net Alliance
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