Medicaid: Non-Emergency Transportation

Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) is a statewide program that provides transportation to Medicaid eligible consumers, to and from Medicaid reimbursable services/appointments. The program provides transportation services that are within the consumer’s community. In Clermont County, “community” includes Clermont, Hamilton and Brown Counties. If a medically necessary service is not available in the community, the consumer may contact ACFS to receive information on how that service may be provided through the NET program. Please contact us at

In Clermont County the NET service provider for “in community” transportation is the Clermont Transportation Connection, CTC.  For information on how to schedule a NET ride, please see their web site:

In limited circumstances, the NET program may provide gas cards to Medicaid eligible consumers who are unable to utilize CTC for their transportation. This potential service is provided through a reimbursement process as established by ACFS. If you have questions regarding this component of the NET program in Clermont County, please contact us at