Cash Assistance

The Ohio Works First (OWF) program is a federally funded program that provides time limited cash benefits to help families and pregnant women in need. This program has an income limit however, you can have a job and still be eligible. In Ohio the initial time limit is 36 months.

The program provides employment support and training to help people find jobs. Everyone who receives OWF will be required to complete community service, work assignments or training activities. These activities may include helping at a church, helping at an office, GED classes and/or computer classes. OWF activities are managed at the OhioMeansJobs of Clermont County. Visit the OhioMeansJobs of Clermont County web site.

If you are the non-parent relative of a child who is living with you or you have legal custody of a child who is living with you, the child may be eligible for OWF and your income will not count. You must provide verification of the relationship (birth certificates) or legal custody and you will not be required to participate in a work activity.

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