Community Partners

Community partners are important for many reasons. They can help you achieve your goals, improve your services, and make a positive impact on your community. One of the reasons why PA values its community partners is because it recognizes that it cannot achieve its mission without their collaboration and support. By working together with other organizations, we can leverage their expertise, resources, networks, and influence to reach more people and provide better services.

Another reason why PA values its community partners is because it believes that community involvement is beneficial for both parties. By engaging with other stakeholders in the community, we can gain valuable insights into our their needs, preferences, perspectives, and challenges. This can help them improve their programs and services to better meet the expectations and demands of their clients. At the same time, by involving other organizations in their work, our partners can build trust and rapport with them. This can help them foster long-term relationships and mutual respect.

Here at Public Assistance we value our community partners and want to highlight the work they are doing in Clermont County.

Together, we can make our community a better place for everyone.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or supporting Public Assistance please contact us at 513-732-7235 or email us at Check this website to stay updated on our latest news and events!