Child Care

This program pays for childcare for eligible families who are working, attending school, or training, or participating in the Ohio Works First Work Activity program. This program cannot be used to look for work. Payments are made directly to licensed childcare centers and certified providers. Eligibility is based on the household’s situation, total income, and family size. Generally, each family has a co-payment to contribute to their own childcare expenses in addition to the subsidy paid by the program.

Ultimately, Child Care helps ensure children are safe while parents work toward financial stability.

Frequently Asked Child Care Questions:

  1. What age range is child care provided for?
    Ages 0-13. If there are special needs as determined by a physician, children ages 13-18 may also be eligible
  2. Is there a limit to the number of hours my provider can watch my children each day?
    Yes, a provider can only be paid for a maximum of 18 hours per day
  3. I am unemployed and looking for work. Will you pay for child care during this time?
    No. In order to receive subsidized child care, the care must be provided while you are at work, school, or participating in an OWF program.

Application Requirements:

Eligibility is based on the household’s situation, total income and family size. Generally, each family has a co-payment to contribute to their own child care expenses in addition to the subsidy paid by the program.

Parents or caretakers who want to apply for subsidized child care may:

    1. Complete a paper application (click here for application) and return it by mail,
    2. Send an email requesting an application to
    3. Come to the agency to receive an application.
    4. Complete the application online here.
    5. Complete your Re-Determination Application here here. 

The document below shows the monthly gross income that a family may receive and be eligible for help to pay for child care at initial intake and ongoing eligibility (As of October 2023).

Determining the FPL by Family Size
Family Size 145% Federal Poverty Level
(New applications)
150% Federal Poverty Level
(New applications – special needs child)
300% Federal Poverty Level
(Existing applications)
2 $2,384 $2,466 $4,932
3 $3,005 $3,108 $6,216
4 $3,625 $3,750 $7,500
5 $4,248 $4,394 $8,787
6 $4,868 $5,036 $10,071
7 $5,489 $5,678 $11,355
8 $6,111 $6,321 $12,642

Want to be an In-Home Child Care Provider?

Applicants must:

•  Be at least 18 years of age

•  Have a High School Diploma or GED

•  Pass a thorough criminal and Children Services background check

•  Complete the application and license process

•  Pass an in-home inspection

•  Attend all required trainings

•  Manage the business according to the regulations established and explained in the certification process

•  Attend the required annual training

•  Fenced in yard with at least 360 square feet.

To apply to be an In-Home Child Care Provider (known as a Type B Provider), contact click here.

Additional Resources: 

For additional questions regarding the Child Care Program, you may contact

Searching for a childcare center? Visit here.

Submit an application online or download an application here

Need to check the status of your case or application? 

Need to report a change?

Not only do you need to your report your change(s), within 10 days, you need to verify the change(s) as well. You may report and verify the change in the lobby, via phone, fax, email or mail. Our drop box remains accessible 24 hours a day and all documents will be processed in date order. Our lobby is open 8:00am – 4:00pm so that you may access hard copy forms. You may also report and verify changes to

Visit our Forms page here for change reporting forms. Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.