Care Center

For the past 15 years the Care Center has been assisting families by helping them remove the barriers and build the resources needed to thrive in life.

In 2020 The Care Center built a dedicated facility on the Northstar Church campus creating even more opportunities to build relationships that lead to real life change. With this expansion we are able to:


It’s our vision to provide relief that leads to relationships that produces real life change and we exist to help our guests remove the barriers and build the resources needed to thrive in life.

As we accomplish this we are compelled to demonstrate the love of God in practical ways as we provide CARE:

For the WHOLE person: We strive for the health of the whole person by helping people build physical, emotional, educational, relational and spiritual resources. We do this by helping people get back to work, build the basic life skills we all need to be successful, and break the cycle of poverty through one-on-one mentoring and coaching relationships.


The Care Center provides a safe place for  families to heal from trauma, receive resources and services that help them break the cycle of poverty, and remove barriers that prevent families from thriving such as childcare and transportation.  As we engage in this work, we help people become self sufficient—moving from at-risk to stable to thriving.

Care Center:
Location: 11020 S Lebanon Rd Loveland, OH 45140
Phone: 513-453-7999
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